Friday, October 3, 2008

They May Be Horrible...

But hot-dang, those shakes are actually working!!!
This week I lost 3.6kg... that's 7.9lb if an American happens to chance by this blog :)
So I'm pretty happy, and suddenly I have a renewed like for the shakes (I won't say love - no matter how great the results, at the end of the day they're packets of insanely sweet powder, mixed with cold water, and they will never replace a good savoury meal.)

But yay!

I finally went and tried on the wedding dress yesterday. I was pretty freaking scared, to be honest. I never got to try it on in my size - they pretty much just measure you and choose a size, then someone in a factory makes it. So there was no guarantee of a good, flattering fit... but it was perfect!!!! Yay!!!
I'm a very happy bride :D

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Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyyy!!!! Congratulations! :D That is so superawesome.