Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Christmas List...

It might only be October, but how can I be blamed for being excited about Christmas??? I'm surrounded by it everywhere I go!!! It's everywhere at the shops, the weather feels Christmassy (ie HOT), all plans are going ahead for our Carols in the Park event at work. I can't escape! Not that I want to... So I thought to tide myself over, I'd make a list of the little things that, to me, make Christmas...

1. Hot weather: I realised the other day that I love Summer because it constantly reminds me of Christmas. However, come New Years Day, I kinda hate Summer! It completely loses its charm!
2. Christmas Decorations at the shops: Especially Myer. They have the most beautiful Christmas display *happy sigh*
3. Our new Christmas Tree, Chester: Having mentioned Myer, I figured I'd have to confess that on Sunday I fell for the charm of Myer's Christmas display, combined with their 20% off Christmas Trimmings Sale and... impulsively bought a 6-foot Christmas Tree. I've named him Chester.
4. Home-baked Shortbread Cookies: My Mum always makes piles of yummy shortbread cookies, all cut out with Christmas cookie cutters. Unlike any other baked good produced in our house, which usually disappears with 8 hours, there are so many of these cookies that they literally last us till after the New Year!!
5. Baguely (no idea how to spell it): It's a Hungarian loafy cake which you put aside a whole day for, and bake in bulk quantities. We make both poppy seed and walnut varities. We don't do it every year, because it's soooo time consuming, but on the years we do, it just feels extra Christmassy!!
6. Christmas Wrapping Paper: It's just so wonderful to look at a pile of freshly-wrapped gifts, decked out in bells and reindeer!!
7. Christmas Music: I can't wait to pop some Christmas CDs in the player at work :)
8. Tarhogna (again, who knows how to spell it?): A Hungarian side-dish which basically consists of tiny little 'balls' or even 'seeds' of pasta mixed up with onions and olive oil and I'm not sure what else... It's soooo yummy!! We only ever have it at Christmas time, and it's worth the wait!
9. Decorating: I'm especially excited about decorating this year because it'll be my first Christmas living away from home!! It means that I have a new space to work with, new decorations (although nowhere near the quantity I've grown accustomed to!) and I can keep my tree up just as long as I want! (Right Chris?)
10. Christmas break: Our office is closing from December 25 - January 5, which gives me 10 days to just hang out and enjoy a freaking good break!! Hopefully my spunky new husband will get a good Christmas break too :)

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