Monday, June 30, 2008


Because I can....

1. Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search:
Klara needs to be spelled Clara. (Um, no it doesn't!)

2: Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search
Klara looks like an old-fashioned toy

3: Type in "[your name] does" in Google:
Klara does not dispute that the partnership assets were set at fair market value at the time of dissolution (LOL)

4: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:
Klara hates it, and she's always trying to find out bad things about Gilmore Girls

5: Type in "[your name] goes" or "..has gone" in Google search :
Klara goes back to Tanzania to live with the wagogo tribe, singing playing the thumb piano

6: Type in "[your name] loves" in Google search:
Klara loves baby Adolf. Wiping his behind is a “dalliance.” She wiped him so carefully that his eyes gleamed. He discovered heaven. (UGH!!!!!)

7: Type in "[your name] eats" in Google search:
Klara eats broccoli. Klara eats peas.

8: Type in "[your name] has" in Google search:
Klara has an infectious obsession with bees and also happens to share the same source of genetic material as me

9: Type in"[your name] works" in Google
Klara works in a children's shelter in Brooklyn

10: Type in"[your name] lives" in Google search
Klara lives in north of Sweden on a big farm with her Mum and writes lyrics

11. Type in"[your name] likes" in google search
Klara likes to talks to Barni at noon time when it is quiet in the midst of chaos. Sometimes she even puts him in her palm and gently caress his ugly skin with tender words. Barni needs more than that.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me laugh :D :D :D :D


I'm over the mooooon right now - Laurent the Ugly Bunny was picked out for an Etsy treasury last night!!

Thanks HEAPS to bonghivestiti for giving me this chance, and for letting me know I was in there too! Yay!

For those who don't know what a treasury is, it's a hand-picked selection of items which have something in common, (in this case, everything's PINK) and are displayed as a kind of promo on the site for a few days. Some treasuries make the Etsy front page, but they can all be found by clicking on the Treasury feature in Etsy.

More exciting news: I have been working on a new design... an owl! The owls should be hitting the shop soon, along with some more little fuzzies I've been working on lately.

Oh! And the first ever Button Factory toy officially found a new home over the weekend - a black and pink whale is now in the possession of Miss Emily, who had her 18th on Saturday night!

So everything's exciting in life. This week I'm sending a special 'manly'(ish) owl to Steve in the army, courtesy of the lovely Kat.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Hunters!

Today Chris and I did a marathon house-hunt, viewing a total of FOUR houses in a space of 45 minutes!! Whew! We raced around Orelia and Parmelia (I love the fact that these neighbouring suburbs rhyme...) and *think* we found what we're looking for, in house #2... Mum and Dad are having a walk-through with me sometime soon but we're in love...!!

The photo doesn't do it justice, but lookie anyway!!

I just can't wait to find our special place, and bit by bit MOVE IN!! We have stockpiles of wonderful things just waiting for a new home (I think our dining setting is getting rather cold out in the car-port!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuzzy Little Guys...

When you're sick at home, your options are limited. When you're sick at home for just one day... then another... then another... your limited options become more limited. I've TV'd it up a step too far, I've read enough to make my eyeballs bleed, my head is now aching every time it touches a pillow, my Facebook is quite eventless, Christian Forums is boring me, and there's no way I'm cleaning my room when I'm in this state! So I've been Etsying, and upon doing so have discovered THE CUTEST teddy bears ever encountered... You can find them at knitting dreams. I'm a fan of little things, and these dudes are about 10cm tall. I so want to buy one... Can you see why??

It's all so cute I just burst :D The coolest part about these little guys is that their little arms, legs and ears are KNITTED! I urge you to check out the store NOW!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From the Sick Bed...

So I'm officially a big ol' misery guts. I am now 3 work-days away from the end of financial year and with so very much extra work to do, it seems only fitting that I would (despite my prediction that there would be NO disease in my body this year) find myself coughing up more lungs than I knew I had, developing aches in all my important parts, and therefore be spending these precious last few days at home in bed. Yes. Great.

Even if I take a turn for the worse, tomorrow the offices of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church WILL see me make a return. There's so very much to do, lots to enter in MYOB. *sigh* It's times like these (well, most days at work lately but that's a whole other kettle of fish) that I feel utterly useless, a huge let-down. I like my job as assistant book-keeper but I apparently suck at it. So who knows what the future holds for me and finances?

However, depressing stuff aside, I did manage to list a few new items in my Etsy store. I've had a little stockpile building up, and decided it was high-time I stuck them in there. So I hauled them out, along with my camera, and attempted some photos. However, without the fine skills that miss Kat possesses, I found I wasn't even able to use most of the photos! So, some items remain unlisted, and those that I did choose to list will still need to be re-photographed *cough* Kat? *cough*

So here are the somewhat dodgily photographed latest additions to the store that is Buttonfactory.

Candice, the pretty white whale (she's already been hearted by someone! Yay!)

Flowery fridge magnets - even I can appreciate the cuteness of these, and I don't always enjoy my own work...

And last but not least, the much-anticipated (by me!) Miniature Whale Pack!!
I loved making these, and there's something very satisfying about holding a handful of them.
Creations who failed to make the listing were a little blue dog and a black whale - but I'm sure if they weren't inanimate (hooray for double negatives!) they would be bursting to get listed.
Oh and while we're talking about the store, I reduced all the prices! Yeah. I just have to remember that when you're trying to sell one of these babies, labour time means barely anything. Ah well. Good thing I love the creation process so much ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just One Of Those Days...

.... can I go home now?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I Love Ramekins (and why you should too...)

1. They are soooo very cute

2. Ramekin-crafted breakfasts are YUM - slop in an egg, a bit of capsicum, couple of shallots and some grated cheese, slam it in the oven... Baked egg!! Delicious and healthy!

3. You could plant flowers in them

4. They come in sets!

5. You can store tiny things in them - I'm using my favourite ramekins for keeping little buttons and magnets and things in. Yay!

6. They are cheap at op-shops! (The ones above cost me 50c a pop)

7. Cute gifts :)

8. It is my belief that a girl can NEVER have too many ramekins, what with all their fabulous functions!

9. They come in many different shapes and sizes

10. The name. Ramekin. It's a little bit exotic-sounding, considering it's used to describe a small oven-proof pot/bowl/thing.

Yeah. Now that I have infected you with ramekin-joy, tell me you're going to go buy a set today!!

Reasons To Be A Bit Pleased...


My online store can be found at

I'm finally selling these little guys...

It took aaaages to set up, but yay! I'm online! The exciting bit is that I've already had people 'hearting' the store, and a couple of the items - particularly Laurent the bunny. Imagine that. Yay!
I'd been hoping to eventually find some I Love Billy shoes (my favourite brand) that I could wear for my impending nuptials - and today, on my first venture, within 7 minutes of walking into the store, I FOUND THEM! Whew! If only every part of the wedding planning process were this easy...
Friday is my new favourite day of the week as I am a free little lady, to do as I wish. In the last couple of weeks, my Fridays have seen me:
- go to the hairdresser
- have McDonalds for lunch
- get a parking ticket
- visit lovely Sara and her daughter Princess Ella
- go to the movies
- go shopping
etc etc. Quite clearly, Fridays rock. Tonight, being Friday night, means that my friends are not free to hang out as they're either out being social, or youth leaders. Giving me some quality Klara Time. Tonight I'll be making more miniature whales - my dream is to list a bulk-pack of miniature whales SOON!!
Yep, today the top story in Klara Jury's life was "I love my Christopher". But then, that wasn't exactly news was it? ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And so! It begins!

So really, I think all would agree that I've been sitting on my plans for long enough. Which plans? The plans to open up my own Etsy store! Heck!
All semester I told myself that the holidays were the time to do it. And it's the holidays. And you know what? I want to do it. I'm edging closer and closer toward the goal. I've made a handful of these little felt creatures, and the more I do it, the more ideas I get, and the more I want to do it!

(Making days like today, when I'm stuck at work till 4.30, ultra painful!!)

The much-groovin' Andrew (super dude, and with a hot design company!) is creating me a logo and a little swing tag for my creations. I've reserved my Etsy account username. I'm getting ready to learn all about postage costs.

And then? And then?

Button Factory will be officially alive!!!! And hopefully kicking, in time.
I don't have huge expectations, but y'know - why put it off? Maybe I'll make a sale in the first 2 months, maybe I won't. But at least I'll be trying - and I'll havea great reason to keep on creating!

I'm super excited about my new little friends... emphasis on the little! I'm delving into the creation of miniature versions of my designs. This morning before work I got started on a teensy pink whale. I think he's going to be a little bit cute. I can't WAIT to finish him!

In the meantime, I have to stick out my 9-4.30 day (hooray for being owed half an hour!)

My ultra plan is to finish little whale friend before Kat & Hatti head over for dinner tonight... Pining away here....