Friday, January 29, 2010

To The Maxxxxx

Tonight I've been reading my old old blog. The one that started when I was just a girl in love with her best male friend. The one where I publicly declared a vow of singleness for a year, then a few months later posted a gush-y declaration that I was finally with the man who would, 2.5 years later, be my husband. Also, entertainingly, the one where I tried out vast numbers of fantastic phrases myself and my friends were using... "Oh yeahhhhh...", "Or bagels", "To the maxxx!", "Of love." "Your Mum [insert something that doesn't make sense here]", "So's your face!" Not to mention... something about a personal trainer, copious tie-jokes, referring to Kat as "Cupcake" or "twin" in pretty much every post, and constantly referring to myself as Uncle Klara. Yep, good times. It all ended on a lovely high.

Then I got this blog and it has been great. High lights (from memory) would include my life of being a Church employee, the beginnings of my craft passions, the day I got engaged, the day I bought a house, the week-ish after I got married... fun times.

But, new chapter. I've not been Klara Jury for a long time now and I've really been meaning to start from scratch for some time. Without going into detail for the second time tonight (the new blog does that for you, I promise) allow me to direct you... HERE.

It's pretty plain and boring, with no great links or anything. Give it 2 weeks and I promise it will be beautiful.