Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh my!!

Behold, my first husband-approved online purchase:

I couldn't believe it when I stumbled across these badges on Etsy today! Chris's words when he saw the listing? "Buy them."
Apparently nerdy/crafty husband/wife combos are pretty common... Hehehe...
Find it at Button Empire.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool... and Haha!!

I have 2 things to share today, thanks to the Free People Clothing blog (they always find the coolest things to share! Love it!)

Firstly, the 'cool'... Just look closely:

Yes, that is Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs sitting comfortably in the eye of a needle. Yes, it is real. No biggie.

Yes, that is Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerball & a couple of lost boys perched easily on a fishing hook. Pfft.

This artist Willard Wigan carves these little sculptures out of single grains of rice. Without using a magnifying glass. (To view them, the average human being needs to use a microscope). He then paints them using a hair from the back of a housefly. Is that not bizarre? Oh yes, and this really is the Statue of Liberty nestled in a pin head!! :

Next... Funny funny :)
Converse's coolest new invention: Shoe Jeans. Forget "Pants first, then shoes". With Shoe Jeans, it's "Pants & shoes first". The shoes are attached at the bottom!!! Heh heh heh...

To give credit where credit is due, the jeans are the invention of designer Sebastian Errazuriz. Also credited to his name is a belt made entirely of buckles, a skirt/top combo made entirely of zips, a formal dress made of rubber gloves, a jacket made of teddybears, and soccer shoes made out of soccer balls... and that's just his fashion inventions! His site is well worth a look.
I'm back from the staff retreat and am WIPED OUT. So this is farewell for now, but I do promise to keep sticking more crafty pics in here... soooo looking forward to that class!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Posie Brooches and More Excitement!

I'm back! Every little bit of me is back, and this post has EVERYTHING to prove it! News, pictures, bubbliness, and a peek into what's going on at my craft table! (I know, this has been a loooong time coming!)
So, first things first I wanted to share something that I find PARTICULARLY exciting...

I'm all set to stick these in my store! They're called Posie Brooches and I just love designing them :) They fuel my addiction to a) felt, b) buttons, and c) pretty fabric. Pretty much the perfect project, I guess you could say!! My favourite is the little heart one. Can't wait to make some more of those :)

In other news, I've taken some pics of my 'studio' (ie creation space, in the corner of our meals area!)

Share share...

My lovely lovely (fastly growing) button selection!!
Some pretty new fabrics I have started working with...
My 'fun things' space. I like to collect business cards and things that come with my Etsy orders, so they make up most of the noticeboard. The pic I drew myself (I'm dabbling in the drawing/painting side of things). The bat was from Blacklilys (love her bats!) and the owl was a stuffie I made myself that I enjoy a little bit :) As for the baby naming book.. that's how I name my stuffies!!

This is some contained junk. Well, not really junk - pencils and paintbrushes and stuff are way important, but they look messy, so this is my little area for clutter!

So, that's my life at the moment. I'm excited about the idea of getting my Etsy shop back up and running... in fact, I think I'll go do that now!!!! Adieu!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oooohh!! So Excited!!!

Well, it's 12.40am and I've been waiting up for this moment (despite deep tiredness!)

I've gone and signed up for Elsie and Rachel's online class!!!!!!

Sign-up can be found in a number of places... Rachel Denbow's blog, Elsie Flannigan's blog, or the Red Velvet Art blog. I wouldn't recommend going through Elsie's blog because it seems to be a dead link - freaked me out for a moment but some gem in the comments section informed us of the alternatives!! Whew!!!

I'm soooo excited!! If anything, it just gives me a hardcore chance at really getting back into my craft!! Plus, I'll definitely learn new things - the list of 30 projects looks like so much fun!!

In honour of my registration (and hefty USD$60 fee... ouch!) I've started tidying up my craft area, readily awaiting February 15th - Kat and Andrew's engagement party!! ;) Also, that happens to be the starting date of class, but I DO have my priorities straight!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

THIS is the puppy I want...

Nawwwwww!!! This little guy is a REAL puppy, born in Japan. I think I definitely want one JUST like this...

Snopes reference:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hourly updates of the last 24 hours...

1pm yesterday: I ate my Mum's yummy chicken puffs for lunch!

2pm yesterday: I decided I still had the whole day ahead of me, and worked a little too thoroughly

3pm yesterday: I got to the end of a marathon run of form-writing, query following up, cheque signing, general accounting and stuff with my poor boss (who is technically on leave but had to come in for me)

4pm yesterday: I freaked out, realising just how much work I still had for the day

5pm yesterday: I was at work, madly trying to finish data entry (I did, 15 minutes late...)

6pm last night: I was in a car with Kat & Hatti, wondering what surprise-ful place we were going for dinner

7pm last night: I was eating bruschetta at Paradiso in Attadale (soon to be followed by some mouth-watering home-made pasta...!!)

8pm last night: I was at Gelare for half-price waffle-night with my ladies :) We were making big plans. MP3 this year is going to be OFF THE CHARTS!!

9pm last night: Still at Gelare, having recently unwrapped a particularly cool birthday present from the girls (A kikki k recipe folder... so cute! And perfect! Now my bridal shower recipes shall have a nice, big, comfy home!)

10pm last night: Kat drove me home, and of course we got chatting about all things fun, and I properly met her cool friend Lexie. Good work.

11pm last night: I came home to discover that the prickly plants which once hindered my lifestyle at home, had been lovingly ripped up by my GORGEOUS husband!

12am today: I turned 23!!

1am today: Thankfully I was asleep by this stage!!


6.30am today: Serious snuggle-time with the husband, to the detriment of my getting-ready time! (But so worth it!)

7.30am today: I was washing my hair. Birthday girls have to look and smell their best!

8.30am today: I left for work, hair freshly blow-dried, feeling chipper.

9.30am today: I got to work, seething (but still with good hair). Yep, exactly one hour after departing on what I thought would be my usual half-hour trip. Roadworks suck balls, and there was way too many of them on my trip to work today. Thankfully, Mum was waiting for me at work, McMuffins and a frappe in hand. Yum!!!

10.30am today: I was following up some emails and queries. Nothing major.

11.30am today: I realised I had an hour till lunch :) So soon!!!

12pm today: I found out that an article I'm writing about my lovely friend Kirstin is going to be published not in our internal church newspaper (which has just been put on hold), but in the state-wide BAPTIST ADVOCATE!! So happy for her!!

12.30pm today: I headed out for yummy lunch with Mum, Dad and Steph. Groovin'!!

Currently: I am looking forward to Mexican for dinnerrrrrr!! Yes!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009












We have to wait till the house is ready, but I'm going nuts! I've gone all puppy-clucky!!



There's another Klara Donovan out there!!

I've always had a unique name... Klara Jury really was one of a kind... but Facebook search has confirmed the strangest realisation I've ever had. Someone out there shares the exact same name as me. Weird!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Take on 2009...

I want to start by making a confession. Do you know why I don't blog very regularly? It's because I hate the way my blogs look without a picture!! And I'm too lazy to put my pictures on the freakin' computer and upload them to my blog. So now you know my dirty secret...

Now that's off my chest - WELCOME TO 2009!! (Yes, it's been 2009 for 5 days now. And I've been enjoying my last few days of freedom before returning to work, so meh!!

The only pictures I could share with you are from this last weekend (the one above is my sister. We had lots of fun with Steph's underwater camera!!). Please expect to see these pictures interspersed throughout my dialogue, for no reason other than to provide extra visual stimulation.

Without further ado, I present my (in theory) goals for 2009 (New Years Resolutions are so tacky. This year I will just set goals. So different.)

1. To read at least 1 book per month
2. To save enough for a new bathroom
3. To have a set collection of work clothes
4. To plan our weekly dinners each Friday, and do the grocery shopping the next day
5. To create and stick to a budget
6. To prepare our house for a puppy
7. To go to church, Salt & Clarity with regularity again
8. To not lose touch with my friends (and prove that married people can still keep up with the rest of the world!!)
9. To be wayyyy more creative, and explore new things to try
10. To be the best damn wife out there!!!!
11. To make time to do with things with my family members
12. To make my hair great
13. To take more photos... of everything! (Using the sexy new camera I got from my sexy new husband for Christmas)
14. To have many friends over for dinner (1-2 at a time though!!)
15. To settle into my suburb (not fit in. I don't want to turn into a bogan!!) and get to know some of our neighbours
16. To convince Kat and Andrew to buy much, much closer to me than Canning Vale ;) (Probably won't happen, but a best friend can dream...?)
17. To make my life at work 1,000,000 times easier by keeping uber-organised!

Major bubble-age!!

So that's my list. Currently I'm at work hanging out for some lunch, and wishing I could've snuggled with my man for an extra hour before he went to work this morning. But such is life. You need to leave by 6.45 when it takes 1.5 hours to train & bus it to work :( Poor boy!!