Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Yourself A Favour...

...and check out this fantastic gallery I found with best-friend-Kat's-Mum Cheryl, while we were bored (I mean... working hard....) at the office today!!!

Click here!

Basically, some very clever people have been competing to create the weirdest, whackiest cross-breed - using images of 2 different animals!
A few of my faves....

Brought us a chuckle at the end of a fairly run-of-the-mill boring Thursday!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OK, so now I REALLY want to go outside...

*pout* Today is absolutely stunning!!! And here I am, stuck behind my desk, just looking at it. But I can't touch it, smell it, taste it or... hear it? I just want to pull out a beach towel, lounge by the pool and drift in and out of a music-induced unconsciousness while working on my tan. This bride-to-be wants to be majorly brown by December 6, and that's not something that happens over the Spring without some serious dedication!!
Gah! Despite the fact that my heart is being tugged by every little ray of sunshine that dances through this enormous office window, I'm in a really good mood! I believe there are a number of contributing factors:
1. Chris cuddled me to sleep last night before he left my house :) So lovely!
2. I'm back home! Love house-sitting to pieces, but it's also a good feeling getting back home and catching up with the sisters and parents
3. Leon is the most adorable little chap, and now I'm home I see a lot more of him. He's learnt how to sit AND stay!!
4. I'm working 9-4.30 days at the moment, as opposed to my usual 8.30-5.30 days. Uni mini-breaks are wonderful!!
5. I'm really looking forward to seeing little-sister Steph performing her original monologue at school tonight. She's used a concept I threw at her as a joke - and apparently she's done darn well with it!
6. Only 3 hours left for my work day - perhaps I can still enjoy a teeny bit of sunshine after all?

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today is a day for pining. Not in a bad way, so perhaps I used the wrong word. But all these things are just welling up inside me and sometimes I feel like I could burst! Maybe I'm more just really really really really really REALLY looking forward to some things. And here are the objects of my pining desire:
- Summer. It might be Winter for another half month, but today is just so gorgeous that Hatti and I are dropping everything and going out for lunch in the sun with some friends
- House. Settlement is going to be around September 10 and I'm burning to just get into our house and start painting, gardening, and putting things where they need to go!!! Last night I dreamt that we went in for the first time. So cool!!
- Wedding. Of course!! I'm really looking forward to being Mrs Donovan, a wife... Yay!! I'm still a bit nervous about the day though, just because there's so much to do still *sigh*
- Uni break. I know semester only just started back a few weeks ago, but I'm ready for the holidays again ;)
- Melbourne. Eeeeek!!! Kat, Hatti and I are packing our bags and heading over to Melbourne in October for the 'last hurrah' as 3 single girls. I've never done a big trip with them before, so it's pretty much going to rock...!! Plus I get to see Miss Julz again - it's been nearly a year since the last time, I believe.
- Thailand. That's our honeymoon destination. I've never been in a different country to my parents before, and I've never been on holiday just with Chris (obviously, being a good Christian girl and all...) I anticipate it's going to be very very sweet!
- Collage. Children's writer/illustrator Jeanie Baker has reaffirmed my love of collage with her amazingly stunning book 'Belonging'. She's a collage queen!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Etsy Mini?

I'm trying to work out how to get my Etsy mini to show up down the side of my blog.
"Huh?" You might say. "You already have an Etsy mini.
Well the truth is, it's not real. It's a print screen of my Etsy mini, with a hyperlink. But I really would like the real thing, I just can't fiure out where to paste the HTML code!
I know, I'm a bit technologically screwed up which is why I'm marrying an IT guy. But anyway. Can someone help me? Pretty please? :D

Friday, August 8, 2008

Well hey there little guy....

Just a quickie - a big ol' "hello!" from Leon.
Ahhhh. What a cutie!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Offer...

See that??? Do you see it?? "UNDER CONTRACT / UNDER OFFER"...?? Yep. That's us :)
Our offer and acceptance have been signed by the housing authority people, thus making our offer officially official!!! Not long to go now... Eeeek! So very, very excited....!!