Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Etsy La-ha-huv

Nope, it's not some exotic-sounding function on the super-uper-duper site Etsy, La-ha-huv is simply the word "Love" stretched out over 3 syllables :)
But speaking of Etsy La-ha-huv, I'm in it. I'm in love! I've discovered my new favourite seller of the moment. Her name is Katie and her store is skunkboycreatures. Freakin' adorable stuff....

Ella the owl!

Henry the Pig!

Penelope the Elephant!

Marbles the Penguin!

*sigh* I want one soooo badly!! Can't pick a favourite between Marbles and Ella... but I have enough will-power to ensure all that there will be no immediate purchases. However, if someone were to surprise me with one... ;)

That's all, along with a promise to update this thing more often. For the 1-2 people who read it :D