Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guess who's old/21?

Yep, 'little' sister Nahn is 21 today! Nahn sounds a lot like Nan, so it works.
Happy birthday old Nahn. Yep. Old fart.
(At least she makes a pretty old lady)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Makes Me A Saaaaad Panda!

Pretty sure this project is the ultimate wet-panda-hug to the crafter's heart....

(Wet Panda Hug = the sloppiest, biggest waste-of-time, barely there obligatory hug. More like a mutual soft touch to the shoulders between two people who are awkward with each other)

Panda is based on a pattern from the Pretty class. Panda was adorable. I can vouch for that (if he wasn't, he never would've gotten to the stuffing stage!) He had a beautiful, full round face. Yet somehow when I stuffed him, it got squashed in. He now resembles a hammer-head shark! And I have no idea how it happened! Nobody else's pandas have squashy heads! And my THING is making felt toys!

His one saving grace is the little heart on his butt:

I guess he has a somewhat artistic charm about him...? But my husband snickered when he saw the finished product.

It reminded me of the time I had a terrible haircut, ran to him at work with tears in my eyes and wailed "They gave me a mullet!" and he responded with a laugh and said "Oh wow. They did!"

Basically I'm looking forward to take #2 of the panda project... *sigh*