Monday, December 29, 2008

The Jury's Out...

... Mrs Donovan is in the house!!!

So, I'm pretty much the laziest BUT I'm finally back, haunting the walls of my blog, ready to ramble. But first, (despite it being almost a month ago) I want to talk about my wedding...

You know how it sounds incredibly cliche to refer to any momentous occasion as 'the greatest day in my life'? Well. It literally was THE greatest day in my life.
The build-up was horrible. The pits. I pretty much didn't sleep the whole week beforehand. I stressed myself, my family, and my friends with the volume of stuff I had left to the last minute. I disliked my make-up trial. I was belittled by older women who thought it was funny that I would stress about something so trivial as a wedding. I cut my leg shaving at 4 in the morning on th day of the wedding. Yes, I shed blood in a sting-y, plentiful way, 12 hours before walking down the aisle. I had family issues, and in fact guest list issues as a whole. I had weekly nightmares of the wedding turning out horridly. In a bizarre twist, both my engagement ring and my wedding ring simply wouldn't fit on my finger the week of the wedding (the ladies in the jewellery shop looked horrified when I tried them on upon picking them up - and told me to come back next week to get them re-sized. It was that bad). Driving to the venue, I was on the verge of vomiting from the nerves, and upon getting out of the bridal car, I burst into tears and did not stop when I would have liked to.
The moment that I saw Mr Christopher waiting there for me, grinning at me as I sobbed my way down that aisle, holding my Dad's hand, I knew the day would be perfect.
It was perfect because Chris cried during his vows (and made countless numbers of ladies cry too!!)
It was perfect because the sun was shining its brightest, at the end of a cold, rainy week.
It was perfect because I was surrounded and supported by my 4 best friends in he universe (and they all matched in little purple fairy dresses!!)
It was perfect because we were married by a man who I met on the first day I ever went to youth group, who has seen a huge chunk of my personal journey, who was even my boss at one point, and who I have nothing but lots of love and respect for!
It was perfect because there were paper lanterns and rose petals - Kirstin did the most amazing set-up job ever!
It was perfect because moments like a train blasting you out of audibility right before you start your vows, is what makes a wedding.
It was perfect because we definitely had the most adorable flower girl ever!!!
It was perfect because the only emotion I experienced all day was sheer, pure, unstoppable joy!
It was perfect because at the end of the day I drove off in a heavily 'decorated' Rav4 with the man who I am now going to spend the rest of my life with!!!
The couple of weeks after the wedding, I pretty much lived on Facebook, waiting for folks' albums to go up of the wedding, and what an amaing surprise - so many people took photos!! (The photo up the top was taken by Jared &/or Tenille).
So. Greatest day of my life. And they're not kidding when they warn you that it flies by and ends before you know it!!
People wonder whether it's weird to be married, to be living with a man, to go on holiday with a man, to be a wife. I'm floored by just how normal it all feels. I've been waiting for the moment where it actually hits, that life is suddenly 'different', and after 3 weeks of waiting, I've decided that if this moment hasn't hit yet, it's not going to. Everything feels normal. We may be living under the same roof now, but it's in a house that I've been painting and working on for the last two months, and is incredibly familiar. We may be living together now, but we haven't changed as people - he's still Chris, I'm still Klara. Bizarre, in a completely un-bizarre way. So there you go.
But anyway, enough rabbiting from me. I just felt as though my first post as a married woman should be significantly large. I will point out that now I'm uncertain what to do with my blog. See, I'm not Klara Jury any more, and therefore is not all that fitting!! Will keep you posted on that issue...