Monday, June 29, 2009

A Sale!!!

I've been working on some new designs, updating some old ones (pics will come soon!) Although it's over a month away, my big shop update is planned for late July after our trip to America.
So, in the mean-time, I'm declaring a big fat SALE on all old toy styles as they've now been updated!
Cuties like Magda:
and Norah:
have been reduced by a fair chunk, along with others just like them!
So hurry on over to Buttonfactory :) and grab yourself a BFF (that stands for Button Factory Friend!) Aaaaaand look forward to the update, of course. I know I will ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just A Boring List

- I have a lot of blogs down my left sidebar. It may look pretentious, but seriously, I read every single one of those with incredibly keen interest!
- Freshly baked cakes that turn out dry are annoying. Especially a) when they're your self-assigned 'signature cake' or b) when they're really really tricky and take hours to make
- Cloud pins can go with virtually anything
- Chilli con carne is love love love. Us crazy Donovans almost made it twice in one week, it's so good!
- My Little Pony is back in my heart
- I think we need a real-deal coffee machine. Mmmm...
- Lots of people are having babies. I'm sort of jealous and sort of not.
- I made my first ever mashed potatoes tonight, and they were onion-y and great
- Cold cold cold cold cold cold cold!!!!!
- I wonder what I will be when I grow up?
- I love Picnik. I now want to go out on a photoshoot so that I can impress people with my mad editing skills.
- Puppy growling sounds so silly!
- Pretty fabrics...!
- I need to add some new recipes to my repertoire.
- Long days are so long
- I don't feel like icecream right now
- We say grace at dinner now :)
- I wonder if we're all going to get swine flu eventually?
- Flowerrrrrrrssssss