Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hourly updates of the last 24 hours...

1pm yesterday: I ate my Mum's yummy chicken puffs for lunch!

2pm yesterday: I decided I still had the whole day ahead of me, and worked a little too thoroughly

3pm yesterday: I got to the end of a marathon run of form-writing, query following up, cheque signing, general accounting and stuff with my poor boss (who is technically on leave but had to come in for me)

4pm yesterday: I freaked out, realising just how much work I still had for the day

5pm yesterday: I was at work, madly trying to finish data entry (I did, 15 minutes late...)

6pm last night: I was in a car with Kat & Hatti, wondering what surprise-ful place we were going for dinner

7pm last night: I was eating bruschetta at Paradiso in Attadale (soon to be followed by some mouth-watering home-made pasta...!!)

8pm last night: I was at Gelare for half-price waffle-night with my ladies :) We were making big plans. MP3 this year is going to be OFF THE CHARTS!!

9pm last night: Still at Gelare, having recently unwrapped a particularly cool birthday present from the girls (A kikki k recipe folder... so cute! And perfect! Now my bridal shower recipes shall have a nice, big, comfy home!)

10pm last night: Kat drove me home, and of course we got chatting about all things fun, and I properly met her cool friend Lexie. Good work.

11pm last night: I came home to discover that the prickly plants which once hindered my lifestyle at home, had been lovingly ripped up by my GORGEOUS husband!

12am today: I turned 23!!

1am today: Thankfully I was asleep by this stage!!


6.30am today: Serious snuggle-time with the husband, to the detriment of my getting-ready time! (But so worth it!)

7.30am today: I was washing my hair. Birthday girls have to look and smell their best!

8.30am today: I left for work, hair freshly blow-dried, feeling chipper.

9.30am today: I got to work, seething (but still with good hair). Yep, exactly one hour after departing on what I thought would be my usual half-hour trip. Roadworks suck balls, and there was way too many of them on my trip to work today. Thankfully, Mum was waiting for me at work, McMuffins and a frappe in hand. Yum!!!

10.30am today: I was following up some emails and queries. Nothing major.

11.30am today: I realised I had an hour till lunch :) So soon!!!

12pm today: I found out that an article I'm writing about my lovely friend Kirstin is going to be published not in our internal church newspaper (which has just been put on hold), but in the state-wide BAPTIST ADVOCATE!! So happy for her!!

12.30pm today: I headed out for yummy lunch with Mum, Dad and Steph. Groovin'!!

Currently: I am looking forward to Mexican for dinnerrrrrr!! Yes!!

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