Friday, January 16, 2009

Oooohh!! So Excited!!!

Well, it's 12.40am and I've been waiting up for this moment (despite deep tiredness!)

I've gone and signed up for Elsie and Rachel's online class!!!!!!

Sign-up can be found in a number of places... Rachel Denbow's blog, Elsie Flannigan's blog, or the Red Velvet Art blog. I wouldn't recommend going through Elsie's blog because it seems to be a dead link - freaked me out for a moment but some gem in the comments section informed us of the alternatives!! Whew!!!

I'm soooo excited!! If anything, it just gives me a hardcore chance at really getting back into my craft!! Plus, I'll definitely learn new things - the list of 30 projects looks like so much fun!!

In honour of my registration (and hefty USD$60 fee... ouch!) I've started tidying up my craft area, readily awaiting February 15th - Kat and Andrew's engagement party!! ;) Also, that happens to be the starting date of class, but I DO have my priorities straight!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL I was're cleaning up the craft table for our engagement party? You know it's at the Fields, right? ;)

I am so excited for you. I checked out the list of superamazing projects - SO CUTE!!! You'll have to blog them as you go!!!

skunkboycreatures said...

You can find Elsie's blog here: