Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Take on 2009...

I want to start by making a confession. Do you know why I don't blog very regularly? It's because I hate the way my blogs look without a picture!! And I'm too lazy to put my pictures on the freakin' computer and upload them to my blog. So now you know my dirty secret...

Now that's off my chest - WELCOME TO 2009!! (Yes, it's been 2009 for 5 days now. And I've been enjoying my last few days of freedom before returning to work, so meh!!

The only pictures I could share with you are from this last weekend (the one above is my sister. We had lots of fun with Steph's underwater camera!!). Please expect to see these pictures interspersed throughout my dialogue, for no reason other than to provide extra visual stimulation.

Without further ado, I present my (in theory) goals for 2009 (New Years Resolutions are so tacky. This year I will just set goals. So different.)

1. To read at least 1 book per month
2. To save enough for a new bathroom
3. To have a set collection of work clothes
4. To plan our weekly dinners each Friday, and do the grocery shopping the next day
5. To create and stick to a budget
6. To prepare our house for a puppy
7. To go to church, Salt & Clarity with regularity again
8. To not lose touch with my friends (and prove that married people can still keep up with the rest of the world!!)
9. To be wayyyy more creative, and explore new things to try
10. To be the best damn wife out there!!!!
11. To make time to do with things with my family members
12. To make my hair great
13. To take more photos... of everything! (Using the sexy new camera I got from my sexy new husband for Christmas)
14. To have many friends over for dinner (1-2 at a time though!!)
15. To settle into my suburb (not fit in. I don't want to turn into a bogan!!) and get to know some of our neighbours
16. To convince Kat and Andrew to buy much, much closer to me than Canning Vale ;) (Probably won't happen, but a best friend can dream...?)
17. To make my life at work 1,000,000 times easier by keeping uber-organised!

Major bubble-age!!

So that's my list. Currently I'm at work hanging out for some lunch, and wishing I could've snuggled with my man for an extra hour before he went to work this morning. But such is life. You need to leave by 6.45 when it takes 1.5 hours to train & bus it to work :( Poor boy!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh lady, you can dream the dream if you want can hope, right? That's alright, you'll still visit me in Canning Vale right?

Nice pics!!! I also agree with the more photos - I barely took any last year!!!!