Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I Love Ramekins (and why you should too...)

1. They are soooo very cute

2. Ramekin-crafted breakfasts are YUM - slop in an egg, a bit of capsicum, couple of shallots and some grated cheese, slam it in the oven... Baked egg!! Delicious and healthy!

3. You could plant flowers in them

4. They come in sets!

5. You can store tiny things in them - I'm using my favourite ramekins for keeping little buttons and magnets and things in. Yay!

6. They are cheap at op-shops! (The ones above cost me 50c a pop)

7. Cute gifts :)

8. It is my belief that a girl can NEVER have too many ramekins, what with all their fabulous functions!

9. They come in many different shapes and sizes

10. The name. Ramekin. It's a little bit exotic-sounding, considering it's used to describe a small oven-proof pot/bowl/thing.

Yeah. Now that I have infected you with ramekin-joy, tell me you're going to go buy a set today!!

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