Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And so! It begins!

So really, I think all would agree that I've been sitting on my plans for long enough. Which plans? The plans to open up my own Etsy store! Heck!
All semester I told myself that the holidays were the time to do it. And it's the holidays. And you know what? I want to do it. I'm edging closer and closer toward the goal. I've made a handful of these little felt creatures, and the more I do it, the more ideas I get, and the more I want to do it!

(Making days like today, when I'm stuck at work till 4.30, ultra painful!!)

The much-groovin' Andrew (super dude, and with a hot design company!) is creating me a logo and a little swing tag for my creations. I've reserved my Etsy account username. I'm getting ready to learn all about postage costs.

And then? And then?

Button Factory will be officially alive!!!! And hopefully kicking, in time.
I don't have huge expectations, but y'know - why put it off? Maybe I'll make a sale in the first 2 months, maybe I won't. But at least I'll be trying - and I'll havea great reason to keep on creating!

I'm super excited about my new little friends... emphasis on the little! I'm delving into the creation of miniature versions of my designs. This morning before work I got started on a teensy pink whale. I think he's going to be a little bit cute. I can't WAIT to finish him!

In the meantime, I have to stick out my 9-4.30 day (hooray for being owed half an hour!)

My ultra plan is to finish little whale friend before Kat & Hatti head over for dinner tonight... Pining away here....


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about Button Factory. You should make a button factory blog, where you can do all your stuff. You are easily cooler than Elsie, dear girl. mainly coz you're my bestie. yes, bestie.

Anonymous said...

I blogged you, baby!