Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From the Sick Bed...

So I'm officially a big ol' misery guts. I am now 3 work-days away from the end of financial year and with so very much extra work to do, it seems only fitting that I would (despite my prediction that there would be NO disease in my body this year) find myself coughing up more lungs than I knew I had, developing aches in all my important parts, and therefore be spending these precious last few days at home in bed. Yes. Great.

Even if I take a turn for the worse, tomorrow the offices of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church WILL see me make a return. There's so very much to do, lots to enter in MYOB. *sigh* It's times like these (well, most days at work lately but that's a whole other kettle of fish) that I feel utterly useless, a huge let-down. I like my job as assistant book-keeper but I apparently suck at it. So who knows what the future holds for me and finances?

However, depressing stuff aside, I did manage to list a few new items in my Etsy store. I've had a little stockpile building up, and decided it was high-time I stuck them in there. So I hauled them out, along with my camera, and attempted some photos. However, without the fine skills that miss Kat possesses, I found I wasn't even able to use most of the photos! So, some items remain unlisted, and those that I did choose to list will still need to be re-photographed *cough* Kat? *cough*

So here are the somewhat dodgily photographed latest additions to the store that is Buttonfactory.

Candice, the pretty white whale (she's already been hearted by someone! Yay!)

Flowery fridge magnets - even I can appreciate the cuteness of these, and I don't always enjoy my own work...

And last but not least, the much-anticipated (by me!) Miniature Whale Pack!!
I loved making these, and there's something very satisfying about holding a handful of them.
Creations who failed to make the listing were a little blue dog and a black whale - but I'm sure if they weren't inanimate (hooray for double negatives!) they would be bursting to get listed.
Oh and while we're talking about the store, I reduced all the prices! Yeah. I just have to remember that when you're trying to sell one of these babies, labour time means barely anything. Ah well. Good thing I love the creation process so much ;)

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