Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Ohhhhh.... Mmmmm....Mmm... Mmohhh..."

Nothing suss - my title there is a direct quote from the wonderful man that I'm marrying, and I promised him I'd quote him word for word. Those noises (and plenty more) erupted from him as we ate dessert on our special surprise date night last night. But more on that later...
Basically, with me going to Melbourne today (in a few short hours! Yay!) Chris wanted to treat me to a very special dinner. He'd been planning to take me to this place for aaaages but couldn't get bookings for the times we were free. Well, he struck gold and managed to get a booking for us last night. Where did take me?
C Restaurant!
Here's a picture of the restaurant:

And here's a picture of the stunning view we experienced as we dined:

(I can't take credit for the pics, you can find them at the C Restaurant website or WA tourism sites)

As you eat, you're slooooowly revolving around, giving you a 360 scope of the entire city. Wow. Wow. Wow. I could hardly take my eyes off the view the entire time.
And the whole experience? Well, we had a REAL FRENCH WAITER who was snooty to boot, and combed (yes, combed) our table between courses. I had a cocktail (so chic!) and the food itself was... insane. So they come out with our mains and I think "Typical fancy restaurant. You pay through the nose for tiny portions". It may have been a tiny portion, but the food was SO RICH, I was pretty darn full by the end of the meal! I had the gnochi, Chris had the beef and we were pretty smitten.
One thing I loved about it is that, you know in the movies, when people go out for dinner at fancy places and say "I'll have the beef, she'll have the fish."??? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE PLACES! Most restaurants have a big selection of beef dishes, or fish dishes, so you have to be specific. But we literally got to use the words "I'll have the beef", because there was one beef dish. Very glamorous!! Heh.
The finest part of the evening was dessert though. Ohhhh boy. We both ordered Chocolate Moelleux (we were upfront with our waiter, and explained we weren't even going to try and pronounce it, and he rolled it off his tongue probably just to rub it in, hehehe. It's "Mollay" for the record, like "Ole!" with 'M' at the start) We received a plate with green pistachio icecream, the plumpest, juiciest mascerated strawberries (Oh wow in itself!) and this Chocolate cakey-looking thing. Take a forkful of cake and this avalanche of muddy chocolate goo starts flowing out. Oh my word. I think that was the very most wonderful form of chocolate I've ever experienced in my life. Hence Chris's very vocal appreciation.

All in all I had the most AMAZING night! Seriously, it was so good. I can't believe it, but I've sold my soul to the world of fancy, pay-through-the-nose dining. *Squeak*

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Topher-o-Rama said...

Great. I try and show my woman a good time, and end up creating a monster! ;)

That being said, even my mother suggested that we start trying restaurants once a month or something... And I kind of agree!