Monday, October 13, 2008

The Birds

I loooove the avian trend. At first I was skeptical, and I can't quite place why, but since then I have fully embraced it. Birds are so pretty and you can do so much.
All day yesterday, my brain was filling up with ideas. There was way too much creative juice happening, and I couldn't quite keep up. I'm now trying my hand at creating a 2009 Planner, as well as a handful of notebooks and a Christmas Organiser for my store, and possibly Made On The Left coming up in November (Eeep! Will I ever have enough stuff???)
Last night I finally drew and coloured up a bird I've been dreaming of for quite some time. I'd done a make-shift little drawing at work, and was pining to put it on paper. So I finally did!!

It has not scanned nicely at all, but basically I'll be cutting the little guy right off the page, and sticking him onto a digitally-created background, maybe stick a few buttons on... I'm hoping this project works out, and am regretting scanning that pic in now as it just does not do him justice!!
In my head, little pictures are starting to swirl... Russian dolls, tea-cups, ghosts, reindeer... Ach! My priorities are way-skewed at the moment, as I still haven't even made my wedding invitations. What to do??

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