Friday, October 31, 2008


This evening, my mind seems to be filled with endless thoughts. I've heard the best way to stop thinking about a thought that's bugging you, is to write it down. So here goes...

1. I am so so so jealous of anyone who's my age and can build a house already. House fixer-upping is not actually fun at all. It's great to have a place, but it's my dream to be able to move into a place and not freak out that the shower's going to be scungey, or the toilet's going to be stained and disgusting, or the window sills aren't going to be sealed. *Sigh*

2. (Thanks Hatti for this one): In 5 weeks, I will be the woman of a house. I will no longer be living in the room I've slept in for the last 18 years, or enjoying the company of the family I have always belonged to. I'll be all 'grown up', cooking every night and living in a space that's half-mine! This is really exciting, but maybe a little more terrifying than I'd anticipated, now that it's so close (to clarify, I definitely don't have cold feet!! I just haven't ever experienced an adventure like this!)

3. I wonder why it has taken me 5 years since finishing high school to get my butt back into creative gear? I've always pined to draw, paint, sew, etc... so why the heck did it take me so long to just buy a sketch book and start trying it out? In high school I worked solidly during every private study period, doing things I should not have been doing, but which kept me alive and excited... drawing, creating stories, cartooning... And for the last 5 years the evidence of this has hung on my wardrobe door as a weird tribute to my finest moments in study period. Why did I stop?

4. I have a pretty cool name. Klara Kamilla. When I was a kid, I hated my middle name. It's my Grandma's name (not why I hated it, I just thought it was old-fashioned and embarrassing!!) But now I really like my name. It's unique :)

5. There are some things I do not tell anyone, for all kinds of reasons. I wonder if they really matter that much? Sure, some things are secrets for a reason, but some things I hold onto are a bit silly!!

6. I'm pining for a large pack of connector-pen/textas. I just discovered this artist, and I actually can't stand to look at her work. It's incredibly crude, and ugly, and very in-your-face, which I'm sure is her aim, so fair enough. But the cool thing about her is that she does a lot of colouring-in with connector pens!! So now I want to :)

7. House-painting is such a painful, slow process. Ergh. We're still working on the first room we started on! It's a little dis-heartening, although last weekend we were able to unwrap one couch and put it against a finished wall, along with a new end table & lamp from Ikea. That little corner of our living room honestly keeps me going. It looks so picture perfect! So I can't wait to see the rest of the room hopefully very soon.

8. Money is not as stretchy as it should be, especially when you have a shiny new mortgage to adjust to, and a wedding.

9. Not everyone you know makes sense. Different people are different. Sometimes I feel like me and my close friends are the only sane people on the planet! But I'm pretty sure everyone feels like that once in a while :)

10. Assignments suck, and I'm so over uni. Lucky it's about to be the Summer break, but I still have a semi-long haul before then (at least classes are over).

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Anonymous said...

I feel like making a large response, so..

1. I know you don't like it, but just think - when you're done, your house is going to be handmade by Klara and Chris. I think that's so cool.

2. You have to live with a boy!

3. Because you are Klarsy, and you, like all of us, have our spurts of awesomeness - just you more often than me :)

4. I like your name too.

5. Secrets are important. As long as they're not grudges!!

6. Did you know they brought out metallic versions of those pens? Never tried them , but exciting!


8. I can't wait until the wedding!

9. We are the only sane people on the planet.