Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shake It!!

I just want to tell anyone who's reading that meal-replace shake diets are possibly the evry worst kind!!
Since Saturday, I've had nothing but shakes, yoghurt & fruit right up until dinner time each day. At dinner, I'm allowed a little bit of meat and some vegetables. In the last 5 days, I have discovered the following:
- Life is not full and good without savoury food
- Many, many different shake flavours are available - but at least half of them will trigger your gag reflex
- Dill pickles are life-savers when you crave savoury-ness
- When you can't eat bread, pasta or cheese (3 of my favourite things) you think about them, lots
- It hurts your soul when you make dinner, almost cry in anticipation of some solid food... and
discover that your new recipe is foul, and there's nothing left in the fridge that you're allowed to eat!!
- Food smells freakin' amazing. Even toast.

I'm not looking for a pity-party, because this is all self-inflicted and I can quit whenever I want to... but I just want to complain for a bit :-P
One good thing is I haven't even slightly craved chocolate, so if nothing else perhaps this horrible diet will help me shake that addiction. But I really, really want savoury food. I slipped and had a piece of pepperoni pizza the other day... Oh.my.goodness. Yum!
Anyway, enough of that. This bride is in a last-ditch effort to get smaller, so thinking about all the yummy food out there just won't do!!!


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