Sunday, September 14, 2008

Believe it or not...

... I am still crafting!!!
I've just been so caught up with all the house stuff at the moment, but the lovely Miss Kirstin kicked me up the bum and got me crafting again yesterday. Yay!!!
I'm trying to see if I can get enough gear together for Made On The Left - a craft stall coming up in Mid-November. So I went a bit nuts and cut out 14 patterns yesterday - I picked 7 designs, and did them in 2s. My craft table's looking a bit like Noah's Ark!!

After cutting them all out (the easy part!) I set to work... and I can proudly say that 4.5 new toys are designed, put together, and ready for stuffing. Yay!!!

I'm really excited about a new turn that my work's gradually taking. Aside from the usual uber-decoratedness of my work, I've worked some more artistic concepts into a couple of pieces... I'll have to show soon!!

In other news, if there was anyone out there wondering what I would look like in a Gladiator helmet, this is for you...

Yeh. My man likes his women burly!! *snort*

And see that behind me? That's a deflated bouncy castle. Time: midnight. On Friday night, I was trying to help Chris set up some gear for filming (he's in charge of the creative side of the upcoming Gladiators Jump promo).
First we had to pick up the 2,000,000kg inflatable device from the church building, and the weather looked like this:

Yes, that is the carpark, flooded, in the midst of a downpour. Sweet. We had to sit out the rain before we could take the trailer out, so we did. 30 odd minutes later, we took off for our destination (luckily just around the corner!) and I did some manly work, helping Chris move all 2,000,000kg of plastic and rubber out of the trailer and onto a waiting trolley. Then we set it up, I learnt stuff about tying up the random flappy bits at the sides ("as if you're pulling up a pony tail"), and he inflated it! Anyone ever bounced on their own personal bouncy castle at 1 in the morning? I have!!! Wish I'd taken pics, but meh. Needless to say, I felt like the coolest kid in town.
So it was a long night. But the bouncy castle (and Gladiator helmet) made it alllll goooood!!!


thetinylittlegirl said...

yay for made on the left!
your cut out bits look super interesting, can't wait to see the finished products!

Topher-o-Rama said...

For the record, burly women frighten me.

Just thought I'd also mention that I made a little mental note about the fact that you liked the "personal bouncy castle at 1 AM". Not that I've got any more plans up my sleeve or anything...

Anonymous said...


what an exciting adventure in a totally unexciting way. yay for positive attitudes!

so i haven't made ANY aprons yet.

*taps head*