Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cleaning Cupboard!!

I spent a good part of this weekend working on the house with Mr Chris and various other helpers: Dad, Mum, Steph, James, and Chris's housemate Jayne even came to help us out!! Whew! We have barely a thing to show for it, although we can now say with confidence that we can finally meet the standards for Contents insurance! Yay!
There are so many things up in the air - shelves need contacting, holes need filling, walls need sanding & sugar-soaping (and obviously painting). The house looks like one huge tradies' camp-site! (See Figure A below for an example...)

One thing that is completely done though? My lovely laundry cleaning cupboard!!

And this here makes me alllll giddy:

That, lovely blog-reader/s, is my Mum sitting on the world's SWEETEST Day-Bed at IKEA!! I soooo badly want this... but maybe in a couple of pay checks' time perhaps?

In other news my parents are away in Mandurah for the next few days, so it's 3 girls and a dog fending for themselves this week! Should be some fun times ahead...

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