Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forecast... Cloudy!

It may have been a sunny, 28 degree average week... but at the Buttonfactory table, clouds were abundant!

These are my new cloud pins! I had a lot of fun creating all these, and as you can see they come in 8 wonderful colours!!!

And seeing as clouds were on my mind so much, out came this new notecard set too! (the colours are so much brighter in real life, my bad photography makes me sad!) The set comes with 4 different designs, 2 of each design, for a total of 8 note cards in a pack! They're just printed on paper, as opposed to card. I'm still considering making the switch to a light-weight card though. Thoughts??

Also on the note-card front is another set (my personal favourite)... the fat bird note-card set!!

Aren't they cute?? I really enjoy the colours, and the fat-ness of the little birds. This set will be in the shop soon... I just have make sure I get my printing right with these, as so far I've failed a little...

Finally, some new brooches are filling my basket of creations (I actually have a basket filled with the stuff I make, I'm not just saying that in a figurative way...)

These are a little bit different... I'm really happy with the direction the posie brooches are heading these days :) A bit of tulle, a petal-istic scalloped edge, extra layers... the newest posie brooches are definitely developing more and more!

Sadly though, you won't be seeing these in the Etsy shop. I've got a craft fair at the end of the month, and I'm busily preparing. In fact, I guess I won't be listing many new products at all until after the craft fair :( But it'll be worth it. And what's left after the fair will of course go straight into the shop. So yay!

In other news, I'm 'working on an assignment' today. It's been the least productive day ever. Other than grocery shopping, laundry, and dish-washing, I'm ashamed to say I've done nothing. Not one word of my 2000 word essay. No craft. I've been procrastinating on the assignment by browsing the net. *Sigh*. What a waste!!

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Emily said...

Those cloud brooches are almost the coolest thing I've ever seen, aside from a really large chocolate mud cake! You are amazing! And those leaf coasters are so cute! How do all you crafty people think of such cool things?? Nice work =]