Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leaf-ing it to the last minute

I'm still procrastinating on my 2000 word essay, and in doing so I have come up with another new creation. Ooops.

Yesterday I was jotting down little ideas, and when the puppies woke me up at 7 this morning, I sat at my craft table and looked at my list. My eyes settled on "felt leaf coasters" and I set to work on the design. It wasn't long before I sat, looking, at these:
Pretty cute! But even cuter when they're actually in use:
There's 4 of them, and I made them with 2 layers of felt - green on top and brown underneath. They're hand-stitched (of course!) and actually a lot more vivid green than the pictures show :(
I want to do some heart-shaped coasters next. I just have to stop myself from doing that today. Or maybe as a reward after my first 1000 words or something. Ergh. I am so not designed to be a student.
In other news, I've become a little bit addicted to Mr Jeremy Larson's music of late. I wish he had more than 2 CDs. His 2nd one especially is just BEAUTIFUL. And he makes me want to be an indie music artist. I'm so easily influenced!


Quitesparkly said...

These are gorgeous! I need to buy a coffee table just so I can have your coasters :P

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely, beautiful lady! They have totally turned out perfect!!!

jessp said...

Not designed to be a student? No one's designed to be a student except for one friend I know, she took crazy American exams 'just in case she wanted to study there'. I used to use hot drinks as a reward in essays. *just write 200 more work and you'll get some coffee*. It works well.