Friday, May 29, 2009


The last few days have been sort of... horridly insane. The puppies got neutered and need to be monitored, Chris is (as of this morning) away at Circus Maximus camp, and most prominent of all these distractions is the fact that our hot water system has gone belly-up. What I thought was raining pouring off our roof on Thursday night was, in actuality, the contents of our solar tank.
Chris spent a good chunk of Friday on the phone to various solar HWS companies, receiving quotes and such. The verdict? We need to replace the whole darn system. The cost? $2,000 (better than the $3,060 we were originally quoted by a different company, but still... ouch.)

So today, with husband off at camp, and a little time to myself, I've decided to take it easy. The most strenuous thing I plan to do is bake a cake. I'm taking a day of Sega-playing, DVD-watching and Twilight-reading, and the only real interruption will be when I head to my parents' for a much-needed shower. What a joyful break :)
So, I'm banishing myself from the computer, the craft table, and taking an entirely selfish day to relax in whichever way I please.
Yay me!!

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