Sunday, May 24, 2009

Such Funs!

Well, the big day is finally over. Penny, Kirstin and I had a stall together at the Hilton Harvest Festival (they were raising funds for a community garden project in Hilton). It was so much fun!
Here's the final set-up stages, just before 9am:

Penny is posing with my bunny there, and Kirstin's doing stuff in the background.
A close-up of the middle section, MY section:

I made us matching price-signs, which tied it together nicely. Our stall was totally the cutest, most colourful stall there. We received visits from my family, and friends Jacki, Bec, Bec's Mum, Kat, Cheryl, Lisa, Hayley and Amy (I hope I remembered everyone!) By the end of the day, we were all able to enjoy a decent number of sales. Penny even sold out... twice! She brought 50 cupcakes at the start of the day, and sold out within the hour... so went home and baked more. Batch #2 sold in under 5 minutes when she finally returned!
It was a great day of Freo-types, families, exotic foods, and cultural performances. Not so much craft, but that was OK. Plus, I got this sweet purse from Kirstin (Xstatic Designs):

I'm using it as a camera case.

So, my first time as a stall-holder was pretty successful, and definitely a ton of fun for all 3 of us.
End of de-brief :)


Quitesparkly said...

Well done! Your stall looks adorable :)

Emily said...

Hey Klara :)
If you ever want jewelry to sell at any other markets you might do, let me know. I make bracelets lots, but I don't really do anything with them, they just sit in my room haha. Nice work with your selling! And your cloud pins are the coolest!