Monday, April 27, 2009

It's A Public Holiday!

Thoughts from my long weekend:

- Puppies are so adorable, so crazy, so funny... and sometimes just soooo annoying!
- Butter cream frosting is almost too sweet
- It is WONDERFUL to have my husband back on Parmelia soil... even if he's been asleep pretty much since getting home!
- Sister sleep-overs are good stuff
- Choc-chip pancakes are also good stuff
- Cakes that take 1-1.5 hours to bake? What is that???
- Weekend time travels way, way too quickly
- People can be very creative in the ways that they wear their scarves, although I think that a scarf worn as a (rather bulky) G-string is just too much!!
- Sometimes you HAVE TO have McDonalds for lunch. It's the law.
- My sisters' shower kicks the butt outta my shower. Heavenly!
- I need to pick up my feet and start working on the house & garden again
- Elsie has the same colour in her kitchen that I will have, as soon as I get round to buying the paint
- With this recession, we might be living in this house for a long, long time. And apart from the things we need to fix up, I'm OK with this (but I can't wait to someday build our own place)
- Gossip Girl is OK. The clothes are the best bit.
- This is my first post in a while without a picture. And I am sort of accepting of that.
- Chilli con carne is fast becoming my favourite dinner ever! Bring it on... tonight! Yum!

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Anonymous said...


Cakes that take that long to bake are definitely the yummiest!!! YEEEP!

I really love your pink snake in Etsy, I haven't checked it out for real but I just saw it before I clicked here. CUTE!

And i love you!