Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Weekend... (How I love my digital camera!)

I feel like this a great, productive weekend. With so many things to post about, and for organisation's sake, I'm going to do it list-style. Good stuff.

1. Long-lost fabric returns to me!
When I was 16, my family did a big trip around America. My Mum was really into quilting, especially quilting fabrics, and so we made a lot of stops of quilting shops. Being a crafty girl myself, I made the most of these stops and began to show a keen interest in fabrics too. I came home with a crate FULL of fat quarters, purchased from all around the states. Once home, I made 1.5 quilted squares, then promptly lost all of my fabrics.
My Mum's turning my old bedroom into a craft room, now that I've moved out, and the other day I was in there looking at the family's hot new computer. And just sitting there was... my crate of long-lost fabrics! Eeeeeeek!!
(Sorry for the blurry picture). The colours are so vivid and stunning. I'm thrilled beyond words. With not a lot of extra money floating around, craft spendings are taking a real dip. But now, all is well with the world. I don't need to buy fabric for a loooong time! Yay!

2. Masquerade party
Last night was Sarah's 21st Masquerade Party, so in the afternoon I whipped this up:

Yep, I used some of my American quilting fabric for the main part of the face. Love it! It matched my dress perfectly :)

3. I have a new stuffy!
This is Estelle the show-pony, a brand new Button Factoy design, and my first-ever double-sided stuffy! I'm really happy with how she turned out. She was freakin' hard work, and she's a lot bigger than any of my other designs. I love her.
4. New mossy posie brooch
This is possibly my favourite brooch I've made so far. I'm nuts about the colours.

Unfortunately I made one teeny mistake, and am therefore offering this brooch at a discounted price. Basically, I sewed the back layer on, forgetting that I had not sewn on the quilting fabric layer yet. So the front looks perfect, but the back is covered with ugly stitching. No one will know except the person wearing it at least :)

5. My puppies are the cutest in town.

We had a photo shoot this morning, so I have evidence:

That's all for today. I have the next 2 weeks off uni, so am planning on treasuring my Mondays like never before, and really using the time to get busy creating (and ummm... maybe doing a few things around the house. Maybe??)

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