Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The man brought me this surprise yesterday! Woohoo! I've been trying to get my hands on a Wii Fit for weeks, but according to Harvey Norman, there's a "national shortage". I had my name down at JB, Myer have been telling me "call tomorrow, we may have it" and I did, 3 times. Big W won't have them until mid August. It seemed all hope of laying my hands on one any time soon was lost. But apparently not, when you have a fiance as wonderful as mine!!!

This is soooo much fun, and my legs are caning today. Surprisingly, my favourite activity so far (I haven't unlocked very many, so I haven't got a lot to compare to) is the jogging!! It's silly, because it's jogging on the spot, like on a treadmill. But you have to focus so much on the screen that you don't think as much about the jogging. You follow a little man through a park, and all your family members' miis wave at you and run along with you. So cute. So fun. I'm officially addicted.

Also, proud moment. I have the best balance out of everyone in my family :) and I'm really good at controlling my centre of gravity. Not so exciting is the fact that after weighing in, my Mii's appearance became very chubby! That was embarrassing but oh well. It's a great game. I love love love it!!!


thetinylittlegirl said...

wicked! i've wanted this ever since it came out.

i don't actually have a wii, but my brother and one of my friends have one each so i could have wii fit as a "traveller" ;-)

good to hear that it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

oh lady, you are so fun. i can't wait to come over and try it out. try it out! except my leg hurts in advance...is that allowed?