Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just as my 3-4 blog readers have been waiting a long while for a new post, so too am I waiting now! We've done everything we can for the house-purchasing process, and now? We have to wait until the government catches up with us. But hey, I've learnt even more about house purchasing!
Settlement agent. You need one to finalise your sale and they cost a looooooot of money.
And all the random fees? To name a few: Registration Fee ($138), Title Searches ($33.75), Water Corporation Enquiry ($36.40), Approximate Local Authority Enquiry Fee ($65.00! Whatever the heck that is...), Land tax enquiry fee ($30.00), Clause 42 Enquiry Fee ($25.00), Approximate Landgate fees ($20.00 and only just introduced at the beginning of July, lucky us!!)... not to mention the fact that despite we're paying the settlement agent a big sum, we also have to cover phone use, photocopying, postage, etc (and we've got an email agreement with them anyway). Whew. Hello extra costs adding up quickly!!
Also, sellers don't have to account for their missing keys!? That makes me mad. The current owners of our house don't know where all the keys are. They've never lived there themselves, and were renting it out. I'm pretty sure we'd be stupid if, before moving in, we didn't replace all the locks and keys now. Pooh. Hello to another extra cost.
So I'm still excitedly awaiting the day when this is all finalised, but dang me! It's a bit of a headspin!
Anyway, I promise next time I'll post some cute cute pictures of what I've been up to... I'm hoping to track down a Nokia N95 tonight, and if I do, I will buy it and it will be my love! And I'll take photos with it (my digi camera is too temperamental!!)

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