Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Tonight at 6.15 it begins. The incredibly terrifying journey of home ownership (and the fun process which leads up to it) will be happening for Chris and me. It's a mixture of emotions right now. I'm wigging out over the fact that in a couple of months, we'll *officially* be making payments on a house. I'm terrified that, now we've found the house of our dreams, someone's going to make another offer before the government signs off on their end of the deal (we'll lose preference, even if the second offer is lower than ours...) I'm excited to the point of bursting over the idea of moving our stockpiles of stuff into an actual house, and decorating it, and cooking in it, and gardening, and making it ours. And then there's another part of me that just feels really weird.
There are big steps in life that change your reality, and this is one of them. Another perspective on the fact that come December 6, I'm marrying Chris. The wedding is falling into place, and now the future is too. It just makes me so happy! I'm kind of growing up, and it's spinning me out, but that's OK. It makes me smile to think that 2.5 years ago I was just a girl: working at a pie shop, terribly in love with a boy who I never dreamt would feel the same, convinced that I'd never find someone to marry and start a family with, and unable to see any future in terms of a career. Life has changed, and I'd love to see 2.5-year-ago Klara's reaction at seeing what's been going on!!

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