Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh Giselle!!

Enchanted... That's how I feel when I watch the movie Enchanted... It makes me wish that I had the ability to throw my head back, flutter my hands and turn life into a musical so powerful that even the nearby fauna want to join in! Yep, that's what I want in life.
*Sigh* I love this movie sooooo very much. Giselle's dresses, her hair, the music, the dancing, the cute little Morgan girl, the fact that it so closely resembles the good-heartedness of the Disney movies I grew up with... Have to say though, that I'm not one to swoon every time Patrick Dempsey enters the scene!

In other news, I've been-a-creating and a pirate bunny and some little white ghosties will be entering the store soon... Still not a sale to my name, but I'm loving the creating process so much I don't mind... yet...!!

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thetinylittlegirl said...

oh i know what you mean about the lack of sales. i've only had one and i cherish it so ;-)
good luck!