Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And So She Blogs Again...

Wow, how time flies. I've been piling up the reasons to not blog, and they all begin with our wonderful trip to America :) Basically, I didn't wat to blog until I had time and energy to post all the stories and fun times we had! And when time lapsed a little too far... the excuses began snow-balling.
So, here I am, with a list of what Mrs. D has been doing lately..!
1) Falling in love with like 100 new blogs... it's an obsession, really!
2) Washing dishes. The eternal chore.
3) Looking for a new job
4) Experiencing the very worst money-woes ever experienced by me, to date!
5) Cooking
6) Looking forward to the wedding of the year... 9 days until my sweet bestie walks down the aisle!!
7) Developing opinions I would be happier without
8) Being amazed at the fact that our little boys (AKA Dog & Cupcake) will be turning ONE YEAR OLD soon!
9) Desperately looking forward to our anniversary, and trip to Margaret River
10) Holding out excitedly for Christmas
11) Not cleaning the bird cage (sorry Rocky and Orlando! This weekend I swear!)
12) Eating cheese and crackers (currently!)
13) Wishing I could study some more in music :(
14) Growing some serious roots where my blonde high-lights are/were
15) Thinking "I really must get back on my blog"
So wow. What an informatively boring post! But hey, at least you know I haven't given up all blogging habits. And I'll really try to come back, very very soon.
My tip of the day? Go check out Summer Teeth. So so beautiful...


Anonymous said...

cool photos.. good job goofball

KA + ANDY = GOD said...

these images are fantastic. thanks for sharing.

Vivian said...

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