Monday, December 10, 2007

A Stupid Fly....

One word to describe me right now?
So there's this fly crawling along my desk and he's not well. I kinda bat at him gently with my fingers and he mostly just hops around. Yeh, he's dying slowly. His existence as a pesky flying little beast is officially over. So I pick him up, thinking "Well, he's going to die anyway, I may as well just throw him in the fish tank and let the fish have a treat"
I dip my finger in the water and am about to shake the little guy off me when I feel totally guilty about the fact that I've put him seconds away from a violent demise (getting eaten by 3 tetras is never pretty, I've watched it happen to 2 goldfish. Blech)
So after a few seconds of trying to will him to crawl into the water himself, I decide he's not ready to die and put him up on the bench above my desk so he can have a nice view of the world.

Just now Kat came in and killed him with a sermon CD. My poor fly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You make me sound so violent! I had no idea you were trying to protect the regurgitating, pathetic insect creature. *shrugs* I REGRET NOTHING!