Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's His Birthday....

.... so I thought I'd surprise him this morning!!

I promised to call him at 6am and wake him up for work, as per our arrangement. At 5.45, I sneakily headed over to his place, hid around the corner and called him. Our conversation went as follows...

K: Hey... Good morning...
C: Oh hey.... *tired noises*
K: And happy birthday! Did you get my present last night?
C: Huh? What present?
K: (sounding disappointed) After you went out last night I drove over to your place and left your present by the door.
C: You did? I didn't see anything...
K: I can't believe you missed it :(
C: Awww I'm sorry, I'll go get it.... hang on...
K: Get it now!
C: I'm going! I'm going! I'm walking down the stairs... unlocking the door... Where did you say you put it?
K: You can't see it?
C: nope, where is it?
K: Here!
(at this point I stepped out of my hiding place and Chris nearly fell over at the shock of seeing a person appear)

Fun morning :D We went upstairs, he unwrapped his presents with me, read his card... we hung out, and then he had to get ready for work. I waited around for him, and after a few minutes he emerged in his new shirt (a birthday present!!), nice pants, nice shoes... we walked outside together, I kissed him goodbye and told him to have a nice day at work... and as I watched him leave, I was hit very hard in the tummy by the weirdest feeling. It only took me a second to work out what it was...

We felt married. Just for that second.
So now I'm feeling all super lovey-dovey ;)

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