Thursday, January 24, 2008

To Actually Do It...

It's 2008, I'm now 22 years old, and I think it can be acknowledged I've had my fair share of experiences, dreams, inspirations & such. I've gone through phases where I was content working in a pie shop, times where I've been so desperate to find something to do with my life that my heart ached, and the odd period where I've found a new dream every week. January 2008 seems to be much of a dream-per-week kinda month for me. The latest burning desire? To create. Thanks to Spotlight and Art Shed, both conveniently placed around the corner from the lovely office I work at, I've even attempted a couple of bits and pieces here and there. 2 cupcake paintings. A little triptych of a bird on a cherry blossom. Drawings and colourings-in that drive me nuts because I can't seem to get it right. How can I want to do something so badly, yet have so many bad attempts?

Last night I settled on the fact that in order to create, I need to be inspired. To see something I want a part of, and take it and use it. I half-heartedly went through an old Dolly magazine, hoping to see something whimsical in the fashion spread, but it was just a grinning blonde girl in a white cardi at the beach. White cardis don't inspire me and surprisingly, the beach doesn't often either. So plan A failed miserably and I went to bed!!

Today I woke up and decided that if I want to create so badly, maybe I should actually push myself. I talk about wanting to paint and draw and make things pretty much every day, so much so that the creating process itself takes a back seat. So my (albeit a little late) new year's resolution is... to start AND finish one drawing per day.

This morning on the way to work I even picked out my inspiration. I was parked at the traffic lights and this lady walked past in a rainbow coloured dress, holding an umbrella (in full Aussie Summer sunshine) and carrying a tote bag with writing all over it. So today's task is to capture that look. So far I've got the umbrella :)

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