Sunday, November 4, 2007

Around the Corner... Of Love

<<< Bows & Butterflies!!!!

Well, Summer is but a month away and I can't quite believe how giddy I'm feeling about it!!

To me, this Summer means:

- Salty Weekend
- Slingshot camp (my last Uth Camp, at least for the time being...)
- BBQs
- Weekend evenings by the river
- Housesitting with my lady friends and a dog that shares the same name as my sister's boyfriend
- CHRISTMAS!!! (which means....)
- Christmas music (yep, the heart is pounding now. I'm a sucker for the excessive use of joy and bells in music)
- The Christmas week off work!!
Not to mention....
- My 22nd Birthday
- Lots of days off before taking on full time hours next year
- Sunshine & therefore... sun tan *drools*
- Balmy nights outside with my man
- Beaching it, often

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